How To Finish Mission 6…..

Written by Crabby Kitty, the Balinese Penguin.

Sorry I don’t put any pictures or a video cause I don’t have much time.

So the Guide is below:

Written Guide/Help
  1. Talk to G. When G turns on the machine, the crab will destroy it.
  2. Follow the Crab into the PSA Head Quarters.
  3. Follow the Crab into the Sports Shop and to the Ski Village.
  4. Follow the Crab up the Mountain and then jump off the edge of the Mountain.
  5. Follow the Crab through the forest for about 3 places until you get to where the Cave was in Mission #2.
  6. When you get to the locked door of the Cave, go to the tree stump on the far right.
  7. Then go the the Long Log and Bushes on your far right.
  8. Take out your Spy phone, open your Tools, and cut the rope with your Scissors.
  9. Put the bag of O-Berries in your Inventory.
  10. Go back to the Tree Stump on your right.
  11. Feed an O-Berry to the Black Puffle. He will now start to follow you.
  12. Go to the Bushes in front of you. Then to the River to the left of you. Then to the locked door.
  13. Throw a Puffle O into the Pet Door and the Black Puffle will open the door for you. Go inside!
  14. The Bear will trap you in a cage. Oh no! You will lose your Spy Phone.
  15. Talk to the Bear. He will explain about his evil plan. I suggest clicking the top option for everything you say. (Click the bear if you can’t do anything and he stopped talking) He will then leave with the Crab.
  16. Go right in your Cage until you see the Cage Lift machine. Put an O-Berry on top of the Red Lever on the right.
  17. Put a O-Berry on the Left side of the Water slide and then another O-Berry on the silver platform.
  18. Go all the way right past the door and a little past the table. Place the Grappling hook, Blue prints, the Rope, and the Hot Sauce in your inventory (They are: leaning against a rock, on the wall above the table, entangled with the wooden boards, and on the table).
  19. Go to the door. It will be blocked by snow. Take a O-Berry out and then put Hot Sauce in it and click on the Snow. The black puffle when get superheat and then the snow will have melted.
  20. Walk out the hole. Go to the Stump on the right. Go the the Long log and Bushes on the far left. Then go to the Area on your far Left. And you will end up at the place where you fell from!
  21. Connect the Grappling Hook with the Rope. Then click on the Mountain. Then throw it over the mountain and you will be back on the Mountain.
  22. Go to the Ski Lodge and go to the back door where you play Ice Fishing. You will see the bear there. Go back outside to the Ski Village.
  23. Then go to the Dock. Go through the Snow Forts. Then go to the Plaza. Then go in the Pizza Parlor and get the Sea Weed Pizza and put it in your Inventory.
  24. Go ALL the way back to the Ski Lodge and through the back door.
  25. Feed the pizza to the bear and Pull the Red lever on the machine.
  26. Click on the bear until he finishes his pizza. Then the bear will run the machine, it will go backwards and will break the ice.
  27. G will come and talk to you. (I suggest selecting the top option for all the answers). The bear will call you and then run away. Then give G the Blue Prints when he asks for them.
  28. Yay! You finished the mission! Receive the Medal and the Letter and you’re done!

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